Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Computer problems Rob to the rescue

My computer well laptop has been playing up. I usually muddle through but I was on the phone to my mate Rob who builds and fixes computers about a totally different reason and happened to mention it. He was over this way on Sunday afternoon and DING DONG the door bell went and it was Rob. "Let me have a look" and minutes later my laptop was fixed. I had spent hours trying to do  it and here he is and fifteen minutes it is back to its old self. So if you need your computer looking at give Rob a ring.
Rob mobile 07958659939
He wouldn't  take anything for fixing it  but I doubt you would get mates rates but he is not expensive. He has never charged me much!!

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Afternoon walk in Pegwell and Bacon & Brie Sarnie at the Boating Lake Ramsgate

By the time I was up washed and dressed it was almost lunch time. We had phoned our mate Phil and all three of us headed out to Pegwell nature reserve described on the Kent Wildlife trust website as :- A complex mosaic of habitats of international importance for its bird population. to me it is our local nature trail and we often visit to blow the cobwebs and get close to nature. In the couple of months since we were last there a new electricity cable has been imported from Belgium according to someone I accosted in a hi viz jacket and hard hat (him not me). I knew it was planned but now I know it to be a reality.
one of the electricity cable laying thingies but no Hi viz jacketed man

I am always amazed by amount of snails at Pegwell they seem to thrive there and todays photos were many but here is one of the little critters and it shows their head for heights or maybe they know a hi tide is due? and another show some of the gorgeous markings.
Beautiful markings
A head for Heights
Old Mans Beard living right on the edge
Autumn is just around the corner and despite today's temperature being in the low twenties I had expected it to be much cooler and had a cardigan draped over my legs just in case (I was once a cub scout and their motto is be prepared) The trees were all laden with red jewels ready to temp birds as they arrive from colder climes ready to winter in England
A little further I tried to photograph a huge dragon fly but even electrically propelled in my wheelchair I couldn't get a picture of  it! But here is a Common Darter I manage to sneek up on and I managed to snap a Buff Tailed Bee asking a Dandelion whats the time

Common Darter
Buff Tailed Bee asking a Dandelion whats the time

After all this exercise we had to recoup our energy so drove from the reserve to Ramsgate Boating Lake  Cafe to try one of there wonderful Bacon and Brie Sandwiches and a mug of Milky Coffee. I would have taken a photo had I not left the camera in the car  such was the rush to get to our food.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

I replaced my Stairlift and got Stuck in my Through Floor Lift

I used to have a stairlift but the condition of my Multiple Sclerosis has made that unsafe for me to use as my disability got worse. So I now have a Pollock through floor lift. On Friday Morning I got stuck in it. No problem it reset itself and I was able to continue the journey, just as well because I had the District Nurse here to change my catheter 😥I only delayed here by a few minutes but I needed to get it sorted. Call in the Lift engineer he was fitting a Curved Stairlift in Bromley but would be with us ASAP. He arrived about four in the afternoon and we explained it had started earlier in the day and had stopped three time all on the way up. We know the engineer Ryan as he had serviced both of our previous stairlifts. The first one had been an old Stannah stairlift which we replaced with a new lift when we had the Bathroom converted to a wet room.
Ryan quickly diagnosed the fault and I was as happy as a dog with two tails. I did say that I was going to tell the blogging world about him and promote his new website KENTSTAIRLIFTS.COM as has was saying his new website was so new it wasn't getting found by the search engines. Those who have been reading my blogs will know I love getting websites higher in the search engine ratings. So getting Kent Stairlifts.com on the first search page was like a red rag to a bull to me so Ryan when you read this clear the cache in your computer or phone and search KentStairlifts.com and see where your website comes. Ryan lives in Dover and fits Stairlifts all over Kent Surrey South East London and East Sussex. So if you are reading this in Maidstone or Canterbury SevenOaks or Dartford in fact anywhere in the South East Call 07908 038 494 and get your Stairlift or as in my case a Through Floor Lift emergency sorted. Dont forget to tell Ryan where you heard about him as I might get a free service nudge nudge.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Ross Andrews and Darren Lewis back at the Pie Factory Gallery 22nd September 3rd October

From Ross's Facebook Page :-

We would like to invite you to our exhibition being held at The Pie Factory, Margate starting on Friday 22nd September to Tuesday 3rd October.
Both Darren and I will be exhibiting a wide range of our art and photography for you to come along and enjoy. We will be there daily from 10.00 - 18.00 - pictures and painting will be available to purchase.
We look forward to seeing you all.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Radio Margate help fund a new project