Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Palm Bay Cliftonville Boot Fair 10th September. Thanet

Advance information of the next Boot Fair at Palm Bay School

I discovered that I am a Paralian of Thanet

Yep as my daughter in law would say "every day is a school day" she is a teacher! I was reading a blog post that I had stumbled across, you know how it is a moment of internet boredom and you are just one click away from a whole new discovery. Well I discovered that I am a Paralian. I read the first paragraph and found a word that I didn't know the meaning of so I summoned google my search engine of choice and discovered that the word Paralian and its meaning is  SOMEONE WHO LIVES BY THE SEA. So not only me then? nope all of the residents of Thanet but I am chuffed that because I live here I  have a name other than Don or the other one that has been used in the past OI YOU!

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Second Anniversary for the Two Halves Micro Pub Margate

Yep can you believe it another Thanet Business is celebrating being in Margate Old Town. Shaun Sethers and his beautiful wife Jackie are having a bit of a bash as it is the Micro Pubs second Birthday. Pop in soon have a #Craftbeer cider #wine or #CraftGin and say hi.
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What a View

Temperature controlled Stillage to ensure a perfect pint

Sun going down  over the Steps

Shaun before opening two  years ago

Friday, 21 July 2017

Counting Margate Ships from Shore

As a lot of you know I love counting the ships moored off Margate in what I believe is called the Margate Roads (at sea?😆) Now I have been in been for seven days (MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS URINE INFECTION) so haven't seen my beloved Ships for ages. I maintain you can always count ten Ships not sailing boats or dingies only Ships pass muster here!!
When I get out over the next few days I will post my SHPS FROM SHORE pictures. I will also if I can find it post a copy of a photo taken on an After Christmas Dinner walk at Westbrook.............. Guess how may ships are on the horizon in that now forty plus year old snap? Yep ten big ones.

from www.margatelocalhistory.co.uk/

Tuesday, 4 July 2017