Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Trip to Turner Contemporay to see Tracy Emins Bed

Just because I live less than a mile from the Turner Contemporary doesn't mean I am always in and out of the exhibitions. Being disabled I need to go with somone and I am the only one in the famiy who want to go but yesterday we had friends visiting the Tracey Emin My Bed exhibition. Even on a cold November day the place was busy and the gift shop was doing good trade. We all met up and stated off in the cafe to have a chat to catch up on all we had done since the summer when we last caught up. So our coffee desires sated we started off on or tour. I had difficulty with the John Davies  My Ghosts figures he cerainly stretched my brain but I must say I am not a fan of either his figures or his art! Sorry John. Tracey Emins My Bed was all I had expected but  whilst not something I would want to see often I can understand why she thought it worthy of an exhibition and the rest they say is history.
We needed to eat, having had a coffee in the Galleries cafe when we first arrived all four of us headed off the The Botany Bay Hotel where we qwelled the rebellion in our tummies.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Thanet Drainage Avertising

I loved this advert used by  Thanet Drainage . I found it on twitter (have I ever mentioned I love twitter) and I liked it so much I am blogging it for them. So if you ever get blocked drains in the Thanet Area  give them a ring Call us: 07500 040 061 Thanet: 01843 583 335 Ashford: 01233 690 049 Canterbury: 01227 252 361 I took those numbers from their website THANET DRAINAGE

Advertising works believe me I used to sell Yellow Pages Advertising

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Stone hill Park Olympic ambitions

I saw a tweet from Stone Hill Park and was interested to read more as it mentioned an Olympic size Swimming Pool. As a kid I loved swimming and got my first Saturday working on Faversham Market to pay for a season ticket to Faversham outdoor pool nearly 50 years ago. I wont be doing any swimming at Manston as far as I am aware wheelchairs don't float! The whole topic of Manston and airplanes seems to have died a natural death. Roger Gale seems to have gone quiet and according Kent News Both main players are due to go before Kent County Councillors next Tuesday the 21st November. Stone Hill Park are the most preferred with the people I speak to. An Olympic swimming pool and Surf Lake can only make their proposals better received by County Hall. I am not going to mention River Oak as I dont want night time flight and a distribution hub has no appeal to me or anybody I am in contact with. Older Planes used in freight tend to be more polluting becase they are of the older type and noisier and with less green credentials.  

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Emily Tull Exhibition at Nice Things Ramsgate

FOUND THIS ON TWITTER have I ever said I LIKE TWITTER. Heee heeee i was shouting to get your attention. Emily is an artist who has grabbed my attention.In her own words she describes what she does as  iI am striving to close the gap to what is deemed 'craft' and what is 'art'. Her work will be at Nice Things in Ramsgate Nice Things 19-21 Harbour Street Ramsgate CT11 8HA. Now that is one beautiful location. Have I ever mentioned I used to live in Ramsgate.
Sorry I digress Harbour Street is opposite the Harbour arm and the new Weatherspoons. I also discovered Nice Things is doing a WINTER OPEN ART EXHIBITION click here for exhibiting details
I Love Twitter it is an endless journey of discovery. Here are a few pictures of Emily's work and a  poster for Nice Things Winter Open Art


Small Business Saturday! Advertise to make a difference

Remember Yellow Pages? I do, I worked for them selling advertising space in the directory. Well one of the things they taught me was small business never advertises enough! I have just been talking to Kathy Bailes owner of the Isle of Thanet News and guess what she said People don't advertise enough. There is a common thread working here a giant national advertising machine like Yellow Pages and a small local newspaper are both reading from the same hymn sheet so maybe there is something in this advertising lark. I have used local newspaper advertising most of my working  life and my Dad did before me. Local advertising works and with Small Business Saturday coming along fast 2nd of December get your skates on if you want additional customers. Ring Isle of Thanet News on 07757 771459 to get your advertising campaign sorted.
Newspapers are struggling in the internet age so remember to pick up a hard copy when in the paper shop. An aunt recently sent me a pile of local news paper cuttings clipped from both Isle of Thanet News and Gazette going backover the 50's and 60's. If you dont buy local newspapers how will you be able to discover things all these years later. I spent a pleasant hour perusing a pile of old paper.