Monday, 18 May 2015

Growing Broad Beans in Plastic cups

Heathers sister had a milestone birthday yesterday and we held a little family get together here to mark the momentous day after all its not everyday you get to the grand old age of oops its rude to ask a lady her age. Put it this way she only had two candles one in the shape of a five and the other in as a six. Make of that what you will you have two choices and all I will say is she is really old. Well with all the family here we had some fun and sang birthday wishes ate cake etc then our sons partner who is a primary school teacher produced some beans. Not ones like in the Jack and the Beanstalk these ones were Broad Beans.... She then got the children to choose a bean, not to be out done the adults got one as well. Then they rolled some kitchen paper into a cone which went inside the clear plastic beakers. Then the children had to put the beans to bed between the kitchen paper and the clear plastic so the bean was visible.  This was made a game to make sure the bean was comfortable. Then came the dangerous bit. My grandsons had to put water into the cups I know you will all see how fraught with danger that could become!! it actually passed without any adults getting soaked but although no children were hurt in the watering of the Broad Beans two did get extremely wet.
I am now in charge of a herd of beakers complete with beds and comfy beans germinating into life. I also will get a constant procession of children and adults alike checking the progress of their own beans.
My herd of beans

Grandma's bean

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