Thursday, 4 January 2018

Hand knitted English Wool hats for sale by Farmer who also writes book!

My Dad was a sheep farmer but I never got the chance to follow in his footsteps and a void has been left by both the passing of my dad and the fact I never had sheep. With the arrival of social media I started following sheep farmers and one such farmer is Andrea Meanwell. I have followed her on twitter (have I mentioned I LOVE Twitter) Andrea is  RuslandShepherdess @ruslandvalley  I have now read two of her books, the first A Native Breed. Starting a Lake District hill farm and her latest
In My Boots. A Year on a Lake District Farm
Along with being a book writing farmer Andrea also finds time to do some knitting. I manage to write a few blog posts once a month but seriously Andrea is a human dynamo and puts my efforts to shame. Things are always financially challenging being a farmer and Angela and her family acquired a farm in one of the most inhospitable but most beautiful places in England, Cumbria! Because of this I feel because I enjoyed her books so much and we speak (is it really speaking when it's actually typing) most days on Twitter (did I mention I like Twitter?) Today's news is all about kids being addicted to Twitter but I am heading towards 80,000 tweets but mostly retweets!
I saw Andrea has an etsy shop as well as Amazon and her publisher also sell her books. And I may not be in my prime anymore due to my Multiple Sclerosis but the readers of this blog know I promote local businesses here in Thanet so why can't I tell the world about her hats that she knits by hand with love up in the Cumbria hill. She uses the wool from her own sheep, and when I mentioned doing this blog post and needing some photos of people wearing her hats, Twitter went mad and not only with picture but personal statements of how good the hats are. So here are a few of those photos and accompanying tweets.

Posted without photos I will finish tomorrow now time for my wife to hoist me out of this wheelchair and into bed.
Sorry about the delay my wife has had flu and I have been stranded without her. Here are some photos and as it say "knitted with love" Thank you to everyone who sent me photos I couldnt use them all XX

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